Printing Process

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Printing Process

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Printing Process

The patented PrintabLED ® cooling solution eliminates any problems related to damage of printed substrates such as aging and humidity variations, allowing operation of lamps at maximum power with a temperature increase of the printed substrate lower than 1 ° C, this is an exceptional result also in comparison with other UV LED systems. This leads to a considerable reduction in wastages when printing  plastic materials such as PP, PE, PET and BOPP and other thermosensitive materials.

In addition, the PrintabLED printing process can be described as fully up to date with the “internet of things”: all working parameters and operating settings are in fact visible and verifiable remotely the . In this sense, PrintabLED brings the curing process into the third millennium, thanks to a study performed by market specialists of the technologies, the most important innovations of each reference sector.


Finally, UV LEDs help stabilize the printing process, completely eliminating any kind of “degradation” of the machine, helping to enhance progress. LED is a light source that allows you to do everything in a simpler, constant and more stable way.

Greater Productivity – Higher Quality – Lower Risks

is the winning LED formula, which guarantees operator safety in the first place. The elimination of Mercury, the reduced voltage and the use of more robust lamps allow a low risk of damage to the machines and an almost total absence of fragile components.

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